it’s our pleasure your visit to the Egypt Madar group office, Borg el Arab city -Alexandria, to get the clear and complete image about us. Hopefully an enjoyable tour.

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The Sulphonic Plant is a facility belonging to Egypt’s Madar Group and a subsidiary of the Madar Holding global company group. The plant is an extension and expansion of the Arabian Sulphochemical Company, which is also a subsidiary of Madar Group. The establishment and construction of the Sulphonic Plant began in 2010, and by 2013, the plant and its production lines were completed.

With the use of advanced European production lines, highly efficient Arab and foreign experiences, and adherence to the highest quality standards and international specifications, the Sulphonic Plant has the largest production capacity in Africa for sulfonic acid and MDR-70 (SLES 70%). This enables the plant to meet both domestic and foreign market needs and to compete effectively with the other companies of the Madar Holding global company group. The Sulphonic Plant, as well as Madar’s other plants and warehouses in Egypt, are located in Borg el Arab city, west Alexandria.

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